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    Kayla R.
    Flint, MI, MI
    United States

    I am very outgoing most clients , while I was in school felt comfortable to tell me everything even if it wasn't skin care related . That gave me an opportunity to upsale different services. I also had a pretty good product knowledge and was able to effectively explain why certain products were the best option for their personalized treatment plans. I am very flexible doing what ever it takes to meet goals whether it's personal or career goals. Most of all when things get stressful I dont react instead I am proactive figuring out a solution to get the job done.

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    Kayla LastName
    Last Updated: 7/1/2019
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    Flint, MI, MI, Zip

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    Example: I would love to work in an upbeat, friendly, and comfortable environment. I am very much a "people person". I am easy to get along with. I love salon's part of what drawn me to this profession. I enjoy the feeling of knowing I made someone feel good about themselves. I love to be creative and artistic. I hope to be a part of an awesome team of friendly associates!
    Example: CIDESCO Diplomat International Curriculum Esthetician Certification Microdermabrasion Certification Facials with Galvanic Iontophoresis, High Fequency, Vacuum Massage, Brushing Exfoliation & Glycolic Acid Wash Natural Nail Care - Body & Facial Waxing - Make-up Application - Lash & Brow Tinting - Swedish Massage - Reflexology Body Wrapping Treatments - Steam Treatments Skin/Full Body Anatomy and Physiology Skin Diseases & Disorders Body Treatment Machines Include - Galvanic Iontophoresis - Faradic/Micro Current - GX99 & Synergy Product knowledge includes Stephen Dante, France Laure, Dermalogica, Eminence & Skin Ceuticals. Final CIDESCO project on Esthetician Professionalism
    Example: 2nd Place Wella Trend Vision Award for Total Look including hair, nails, makeup and wardrobe. Brownie Award at LaJames for outstanding People Skills.
    5 to 10 Years, Licensed Cosmetologist
    2 to 4 Years, Licensed Nail Technician
    2 to 4 Years, Licensed Esthetician
    1 Year or Less, Licensed Massage Therapist
    5 to 10 Years
    5 to 10 Years
    2 to 4 Years
    1 Year or Less
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