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    Details of Employer Membership Features:

    • BUILD A COMPANY PROFILE PAGE: During registration, information collected will be used to build a complete company profile page that will be available for viewing by job seekers that visit the site. It will be included in our employer search directory as well. It's a great way to show off your salon or spa to potential team members.
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    • VIEW FULL CAREER PROFILES: Access to Over 42,690 Job Seeker Profiles. Each job seeker that joins SalonEmployment creates a detailed career profile that includes industy specific information about themselves. You can search through these profiles to recruit talent. You will see all the job seekers details including contact information, education, experience, availablity etc. to help fill open positions you may have.
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    • POST JOB LISTINGS: Using our suite of point and click tools you can post an unlimited amount of detailed job listings. All listings may be viewed by any job seeker that visits the site. (note: Even non-registered job seekers can see your listings) Each listing can include as much or as little about your available positions as you like. You can access the site at any time during your membership to view or edit your listing(s).
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    • EMAILS SENT TO JOB SEEKERS: When you post your Job Listings an email will be automatically sent to any job seekers that have configured their job agent to notify them of job postings. (e.g. If you posted a job listing for Hair Stylists notification of your listing will be sent to all job seekers that configured their job agent to notify them of Hair Stylist postings).

    • RECEIVE AUTO EMAILS: Using our Recruiting Agent you can receive an email message when Job Seekers register on the site that match the criteria you define.

    Access to Over 42,690 Detailed Job Seeker Profiles!
    Hair Stylists, Colorists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Makeup Artists, Massage Therapists, Salon Assistants, Salon Managers, Receptionists, Educators, Registered Nurses, Salon Consultants.

    During registration you will be asked to fill out information about your company. The more complete the information you include the better your company will appear in our search and profile listings. Please allow approximately 5 minutes to complete the registration process.  Do not use the "BACK" button or arrows during the process as this could result in duplicate or bad registration information.

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