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    Salon Employment -
    Salon jobs in Katy, TX - Salon employers hiring in Katy, TX
    Find salon jobs and spa jobs in Katy, TX. Salon employers hiring hairstylists, estheticians, colorists, makeup artists, massage therapists, and receptionist positions.
    Salons and Spas in Katy, TX
    Parent CompanyJob Listings
    Day Spa
    Cinco Ranch Blvd.
    Katy, TEXAS
    Expired Job Listings: 6/14/2005
    Hairstylists: Hairstylist

    Day Spa
    Cinco Ranch Blvd.
    Katy, TEXAS
    Expired Job Listings: 6/14/2005
    Nail Technicians: Nail Technicians

    Hair Salon
    Highland Knolls Dr
    Katy, TEXAS
    Expired Job Listings: 12/23/2006
    Hairstylists: Hair Stylist Space available for leasing at top salon and spa

    Day Spa
    S. Fry Rd. Suite C
    Katy, TEXAS
    Expired Job Listings: 8/2/2008
    Hairstylists: Stylist, Senior Stylist, Master Stylist. Licienced with State of Texas

    Multi Service Salon
    Grand Circle Blvd.
    Katy, TEXAS
    Expired Job Listings: 12/12/2010
    Hairstylists: Experienced Stylists Wanted - JCPenney Salon in Katy, TX

    Hair Salon
    Highway Blvd., Ste.
    Katy, TEXAS
    Expired Job Listings: 8/5/2012
    Hairstylists: Hair Stylists and Nail Technicians - Immediate Openings

    Hair Salon
    A. S. Fry Rd
    Katy, TEXAS
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